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Sitting pretty in front of my computer screen

La Gorda
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La Gorda is a fledgeling band on the DC music scene. Likely classified in the Indie-Punk genre, La Gorda's music emphasizes dissonant yet melodic bass lines, contrasting vocal harmonization and unconventional beats and rhythm changes with lyrical topics ranging from witch burning to internet dating...

La Gorda tastes like a soup that is savory and spicy, yet surpringly sweet
4 cups of Sleater-Kinney broth
2 cups chopped The Make Up
1 cup diced Pixies
1 tsp of Bikini Kill extract,
1 tsp of Bratmobile powder
A tiny dash of Fugazi"

Rock on.

If you are the master of your band LJ, add us to your friends list and we will do the same! Who knows, we may be able to do a show trade...LJ users on our friends list will also get a sneak peek at some songs in the works, choice pics that we may or may not put up on the general site, and access to friends-only posts that will divulge more "personal" details about the band, our shows, and our songwriting process.

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